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ProLiant ML
ProLiant ML
ProLiant ML klasa servera je namenjena maksimalnom untrašnjem kapacitetu i I/O fleksibilnosti, sa rasponom korišćenja od udaljenih poslovnica do centara podataka u tower kućištu.

ProLiant DL
ProLiant DL
ProLiant DL klasa servera je klasa "gusto" pakovanih servera sa mogućnošću optimizacije i lakom upravljivosti, idealna za multi-serverska okruženja u rek i klaster modelima.

ProLiant Scalable Systems
ProLiant Scalable Systems
Ideal for High Performance Computing and extreme density environments.

•Decrease complexity and costs with shared power and cooling
•Simplify serviceability with front cabling
•Optimize deployment with modular design

ProLiant Blade
ProLiant Blade
Blade server systems have the ability to combine server, storage, network, power, and management capabilities into an integrated system. Blade servers require less floor space, less power, and cost less to operate than comparable rack-mount servers, and they're easier to manage.

Time-smart, change-ready, energy-thrifty and cost-savvy blade systems help you deliver better business results such as:

Reduce the total cost of owning, using, and maintain your IT infrastructure with the cost-effective, modular design.

Energy efficient
Thermal Logic technology, simple power requirements, and built-in cooling optimization provides greater power efficiency and emits less heat.

Easy to setup and manage
Modular design simplifies setup, expansion, and changes, and intelligent tools and built-in management interface provides efficient management from anywhere.

ProLiant MicroServer
ProLiant MicroServer
- Izgrađen i cenovno prihvatljiv za mikro i malo poslovanje
- Idealan server za kućnu upotrebu i server do 25 PC-ja
- Server opšte namene koji pomaže u organizaciji i zaštiti poslovnih informacija, integriše svu opremu i resurse u kancelariji

The HP ProLiant MicroServer is a general purpose server that can provide a platform to organize and safeguard your business information, allow effective communication with customers and make the most of your existing office equipment and resources. The HP MicroServer is a cost effective starter server for businesses with less than 10 clients and it can take your business to the next level of productivity and efficiency.

-Simple to Own and Easy to Use
-At a 22 dBA noise level, it is quiet for ergonomic working environment
-Space-saving; ideal for the small office
-Error checking and correction (ECC) memory minimizes the likelihood of memory corruption
-RAID 0, 1 prevents data loss and ensures around the clock reliability
-Up to four LFF SATA pluggable hard disks and up to 8 GB of RAM